Tuesday, July 27, 2004

RUG2004 - Day 2: It's On!

Did you ever notice the conference "look"?

It goes like this: first you walk past a person in a crowded room and glance that person in the eye. If you don't recognize them, look down about 18" and scope the name on the tag. If you don't recognize the tag, look them in the eye again and see if you *really* don't recognize them.

Then there are the different sponsor companies. The "look" here goes like: first you check out the company name on the booth. If you recogize the name then you need to see if they offer anything for free (swag). If they have any swag, then persue -- if not, move along.

Today was the second of our two days of tutorials and was really quite fun. We were able to start at 9:30 AM and finish at 4:30 PM. This allowed plenty of time to relax and prepare for Wednesday. I did the Crystal Reports and Usability tutorials and was quite impressed for the most part.

So far the best, and most interesting, tutorial was the new ARS 6.x features. Scott Fisher did a great job and everyone was fired up. Tomorrow we start the conference for real.

Stay tuned...`



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