Tuesday, July 27, 2004

RUG2004 - Day 1: Here we go!

It looks like we made it through the first day. One down, and four to go. It always amazes me how little extra time there seems to be at these things. You really have to carve out blocks of time for yourself, otherwise you end up going from one "event" to another, until it's time to sleep. Then you repeat...

Registration was a bit frustrating. First we had the rumor that, since some Technical Seminars were beginning at 10:00 AM, registration would open early. It did, but only for those people attending the early semainars. When it did finally open, there was no signage and the different registration tables weren't coordinated about who was doing what, and what to do next.

Two pre-conference tutorials were then crammed into the afternoon. Although very informative, the second of the two ran until after 7:00 PM. People were definately getting edgy near the end.

Remedy Education hosted the night's party in the foyer of the meeting rooms. This was the first real chance to catch up with old friends and start making new ones. It's always fun putting faces to the names of the ARSList mailing list.



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