Sunday, July 25, 2004

RUG2004 - The Arrival

Welcome to my little experiment. My plan is to post a series of short, but informative, notes about the events here at RUG2004. If you find that these bother you in any way, let me know and I'll pull your email off the list. These posts are also available online at I hope you enjoy it!

If anyone asks, there is no such place as the Renaissance Hilton Washington DC Hotel. I know, because this was the name of the hotel printed on my "Attendee Confirmation" email, and this is where I asked the cab driver to take Warren & I. Thank you "" for this useless bit of information.

After our initial confusion, we arrived, checked in and made our way downstairs for the informal ARSList reception in the hotel bar. After a few hours of seeing old friends and making some new ones, a group of us had dinner in the hotel retruant. Food was okay, but the service was quite poor.

No one seems quite sure where the events of the week are supposed to be taking place. Some people think it'll be here, others are certain it's in the Washington Convention Center across the street. I'm pretty sure it's here, but we'll know for sure tomrorow.



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